“ My journey is full of confidence - and yes I am not disappointed by the enchanting sight that opens up to us - against a backdrop I could not have dreamed more beautiful.
Did I expect this? I think not, and yet again I secretly hoped...
A place as clearly defined as the landscape around us that promises a good feeling even from afar - because we want to get out of the ordinary and into the special...
Can we gather strength here? Strength for ourselves, not for others? Yes, for sure - we feel it as soon as we arrive.”

Tweed // Your hosts

We are Tweed

They are the creative minds behind Tweed: Annette and Hans-Peter Münster. Two hearts beat in their chest, one for North Frisia and one for Ireland. And they made the best of it - Tweed. The old villa in Sankt Peter-Ording fitted perfectly into their concept of creating something new and unique. Tweed combines the beauty of both worlds under one historic roof. Tweed creates space for new thoughts and helps to quickly forget everyday life.

Tweed // The idea

Relax and recharge

Tweed brings you down. With plenty of space and privacy in spacious suites. With the timeless elegance of stylish furnishings. With the unobtrusive charm of our surprising services. With lots of nature around you. With peace and quiet, where the power lies. The power to breathe deeply. You simply feel Tweed.

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Tweed is...

... situated quietly just outside the town centre of Sankt Peter-Ording
... a boutique hotel with 8 spacious suites
... your privacy for the most beautiful time of the year
... having breakfast in your suite
... your own garden with individual rest areas
.. uncomplicated and casual
... open for our guests since 2018

Tweed // Sustainability

Sustainable in many aspects

If sustainability is important to you, you've come to the right place at Tweed! We are dedicated to making our contribution and treating the planet with care. That's why we are constantly looking for alternative solutions to make our hotel service comfortable and environmentally friendly at the same time - for a casual holiday and a future worth living.

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Tweed // Enjoy

Your suite - your breakfast room

At Tweed, the first meal of the day comes to you, into your suite. English or Continental, porridge or croissant, bacon and eggs or jam, baked beans or muesli, opulent or sporty - and of course always delicious. We create the first magical moment of your day. And a smile on your face.

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